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Certification programme for Scientists, Technicians and Engineers, now available!

WINS is delighted to announce the launch of its accredited on-line WINS Academy nuclear Security Certification Programme, the first online certification programme in the world for nuclear security management.

Its educational design consists of a Foundation Module plus eight elective Modules and the programme is designed to be completed entirely online.

The Foundation Module lays a foundation of understanding for all other Modules and is required for all participants. The choice of the elective will depend on your area of responsibility. Participants will earn certification from the WINS Academy by successfully passing the examinations for both the Foundation and one Elective Module. We will be rolling out the various programmes during the course of 2014.

The certification programme is now available for Scientists, Technicians and Engineers! To sign up for the Foundation Module and the WINS Academy Elective for Scientists, Technicians and Engineers, please click here or visit our website:

In 2014, we will reimburse 50% of the costs of the programme to those who pass the examinations.

For more information about the WINS Academy and the certification programme, please get in touch with us at: