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WINS Webinar Report on the Security of Radioactive Sources: Liability Risk Management

In cooperation with the International Source Suppliers and Producers Association (ISSPA), the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) organised a workshop on Liability Risk Management in the Event of a Malicious Incident Involving Radioactive Sources in Bethesda, MD, USA on March 1st and 2nd, 2016.

On 22 March 2016, WINS conducted a follow-up webinar to report to a wider range of audience on the main discussions and key findings of the 01-02 March 2016 workshop and to further discuss options and opportunities to encourage and incent source users and other stakeholders to manage radioactive sources better and in particular to strengthen the security of these sources.

This interactive event was professionally facilitated by Mr. Julian Powe, UK, and featured presentations and a panel discussion between Mr. John Miller, International Isotopes (USA) and Ms. Kathryn Rauhut, the Stimson Center (USA). Mr. Pierre Legoux, WINS Head of Programmes, provided webinar participants with a brief summary of the March workshop and participants were invited to provide their opinion on various issues.

WINS members can read the webinar report in the Knowledge Centre menu of their Members Area.