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9th Nuclear Sector SASIG - Nuclear Security Roundtable

WINS is pleased to announce the SASIG roundtable to be held in November, 2016 in London. Please find the details for registrations below.

The Security Awareness Special Interest Group (SASIG) is delighted to announce its 9th Nuclear Sector SASIG and first Nuclear Security Roundtable. The event will be held on November 22, 2016, in London, United Kingdom. This Roundtable entitled “Executive and Corporate Responsibility” is organised in partnership with the Stimson Center and WINS (the World Institute for Nuclear Security).  


The Nuclear Security Roundtable will explore corporate liability and executive responsibility in the event of a terrorist cyber incident at a nuclear facility. It will consider a model to demonstrate that reasonable business judgments have been made. At this international gathering of lawyers, insurers, regulators and cybersecurity experts we will use applied problem solving techniques to explore accountability for a terrorist cyberattack at a nuclear facility with various resulting damage scenarios. Participants will assess insurance coverage and the potential for litigation, and explore the types of claims that could be made in the wake of a major security incident at a nuclear facility. The outcome will be a better understanding of risks and potential exposures, to be presented in due course in a White Paper that will be published and made available to all attendees.


Available places at this important event will be limited to a maximum of 40 delegates.  We suggest you reply promptly if you do wish to attend; this can be done best via the SASIG Website at by emailing or calling +44 1234 707035.