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Why certify?

Looking at other industry sectors, each sector has professional standards and required certifications... so

why not in the nuclear industry?

Dr. Roger Howsley, Executive Director, WINS
50% have no professional development or training opportunities for nuclear security

It's important to integrate security into my work schedule. There is no way i can work safely...

if I am not secure.

Dr. Yakubu Viva Ibrahim. Reactor Physicist, WINS First Graduate
80% are interested in the professional development opportunities available through the WINS Academy
WINS Academy has 215 graduates from 38 countries and over 725 participants from 77 countries. We welcome you to read excerpts from their experiences with the WINS Academy.
Maleka Mafihla

Physical security manager, South African Nuclear Energy Corporation, South Africa.
Certified Nuclear Security Professional (CNSP) with Specialisation in Nuclear Security Incident Management, Communicating with Civil Society, Nuclear Security for Executive Management, Science and Engineering for Nuclear Security, and Nuclear Security Governance.

"The programme includes a wealth of nuclear security information and, having been a Physical Security Manager for three years, I had never been given the opportunity to access a dedicated course that addressed the precise role of security in the nuclear industry. The course helped me to systematically locate the nuclear security role, from Board Directors, through the Executive Management and how it cascades down to other departments and units. It also gave me confidence as a security practitioner. The WINS Academy is an important initiative, which not only professionalises nuclear security but will also change the perception of the entire industry and beyond. The programme with all its Elective Modules is a must for all security practitioners in the industry in order to comprehend the security role of all players who are not necessary security practitioners but have a security responsibility in their respective operations."

Chumak Dmytro

Head of the Information and Analytical Sector, State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Ukraine.
Certified Nuclear Security Professional (CNSP) with Specialisation in Science and Engineering for Nuclear Security.

"My current position requires substantive knowledge and understanding of the main principles of nuclear security because I have to provide the general public with competent information on different aspects within this issue. The WINS Academy experience was extremely valuable in this regard for the accomplishment of assigned tasks at work. I would strongly encourage all experts from different domains, like academia or industry, which have relations to any aspects of nuclear security to enroll in the WINS Academy Programme. It will be an investment in your future successful career!"