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Why certify?

Looking at other industry sectors, each sector has professional standards and required certifications... so

why not in the nuclear industry?

Dr. Roger Howsley, Executive Director, WINS
50% have no professional development or training opportunities for nuclear security

It's important to integrate security into my work schedule. There is no way i can work safely...

if I am not secure.

Dr. Yakubu Viva Ibrahim. Reactor Physicist, WINS First Graduate
80% are interested in the professional development opportunities available through the WINS Academy
WINS Academy has 215 graduates from 38 countries and over 725 participants from 77 countries. We welcome you to read excerpts from their experiences with the WINS Academy.
Agalga Raymond

Nuclear security regulator and research, Ghana.
Certified Nuclear Security Professional (CNSP) with Specialisation in Science and Engineering for Nuclear Security.

"I have benefited immensely from taking the certification course for Scientists, Technicians and Engineers. I firmly believe the WINS certification programmes will help change perceptions towards nuclear security and will lead to greater security globally as more and more people enroll and build competence in their areas of responsibility. Through the STE module, I have come to appreciate my role in the overall security of my establishment and to understand how I can influence security issues."

Gillett Simon

Nuclear Liaison Manager, EDF UK, United Kingdom.
Certified Nuclear Security Professional (CNSP) with Specialisation in Nuclear Security for Executive Management.

"The WINS Academy Foundation Module and the Executive Management Module provided me with a thorough and accessible overview of the critical aspects of nuclear security that are important to many who interface with nuclear technology. The course syllabus was very clear, very well structured and well resourced. There were also plenty of opportunities to consider deeply the consequences of different options available to nuclear professionals and executives when it comes to maintaining the security of their activities and facilities. I would happily recommend the WINS Academy Programme to other professionals in the nuclear industry."