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WINS International Workshops & Other Events

As a forum for those professionals who are accountable for Nuclear Security, WINS organises frequent events to exchange experiences and lessons learned, and identify best practices. Our workshops, training and roundtables are interactive and professionally facilitated and open both to our members and invited non-members. Since it’s establishment, WINS has conducted over 80+ International Best Practice Workshops in over 22 countries around the world attracting 3,000 participants.

A detailed overview of our current workshops, roundtables and other events can be found on the top right corner of this page or here.

The WINS Workshops in Numbers

2,966 total participants at WINS Workshops

80+ Workshops organised to date

84% of participants attend WINS Workshops at their own expense

Members’ Satisfaction (Survey 2016 / 2017)

97.5% of WINS members think WINS’ Workshops are innovative.

94.7% of WINS members think time at WINS Workshops was well spent.

What our members are saying...

The WINS workshop has been very beneficial for the Australian Federal Police. The opportunity to exchange ideas and network with other security professionals has been for us an unparalleled opportunity for improvement.

... it’s facilitated some excellent, excellent discussions. Some great points have come out, things I never thought about before. And those things are the kind of things I will be implementing.

This is the only forum I’ve been to where you can share real operating experience with other people that are in the same role as you are. And I find it invaluable, as there’s no point in reinventing the wheel – we can take experiences from one another.