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We invite applications for membership from organisations and individuals that have accountabilities for nuclear security and who wish to contribute to the goals of WINS – to share and promote the implementation of best security practices.

Effective security for nuclear and radioactive materials often relies on different organisations working together in partnership with clear definitions of accountability and good communications. For those reasons WINS is inclusive and recognises the importance of having members with different accountabilities and experience. Membership is open to policy makers, regulators, responders, facility operators and related occupations in central government, government organisations, research establishments and private companies. Organisations and individuals with direct responsibility for nuclear and radioactive materials are encouraged to apply.

Successful applications will be notified as soon as possible. However, in the unlikely event you do not hear back from WINS within 2 weeks, kindly contact us directly at

All Members will be expected to uphold the WINS Members' Code of Conduct and Confidentiality.

Membership Fees

Joining WINS is free and if you don't find it beneficial, you can cancel your membership at any time. As a member, you are expected and encouraged to contribute to the goals of WINS by sharing best security practices, based on your experiences and expertise. Some of the ways you can achieve this objective is to Support WINS by improving our publications, hosting our workshops or other events, and/or making donations.


Individual Applications should be submitted by completing the online Application Form and submitting it. Alternatively, Application Forms can be downloaded and returned to the World Institute for Nuclear Security, Graben 19, A-1010 Vienna, Austria, marked for the attention of the Executive Support Manager.

Corporate applicants are kindly asked to submit their application as an organisation in writing on headed paper addressed to Dr. Roger Howsley, WINS Executive Director. The letter should include the contact details of a designated Point of Contact and should state whether WINS has the permission to use the organisation's contact details and logo on its website.