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Our primary purpose is to improve the professionalism and competence of all those involved in nuclear security so that nuclear and other radioactive materials are not used for terrorist or other criminal purposes. This requires confidence that the management and regulatory systems that support nuclear security are effective against the postulated threats including physical, cyber and insiders, as well as combinations thereof. We support this objective by sharing best security practices and advocating for the professional certification of all personnel with responsibilities for nuclear security.

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Workshops and Training

Workshops and Training

Our professionally facilitated workshops and training courses provide excellent learning and peer-to-peer networking opportunities with a cross-section of the nuclear industry—from licensees and regulators to security experts, academics, law enforcement and vendors.

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WINS Academy

WINS Academy

The WINS Academy is the world’s first certified professional development programme for individuals with responsibilities in nuclear or radioactive source security management.

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Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre gives WINS Members access to a constantly expanding archive of information on nuclear security, both from WINS and from external sources.

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WINS evaluation services help licensees assess the maturity of their security programme, measure the effectiveness of their security culture, and identify areas that are strong as well as those that could be improved.

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I firmly believe the WINS certification programmes will help change perceptions towards nuclear security and will lead to greater security globally as more and more people enroll and build competence in their areas of responsibility.
Raymond Agalga, Ghana
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WINS Academy courses focus on the practitioner and provide best practice guidance that is hands-on, cross-functional and immediately useful. To read more click the button below:


WINS Scholarships

Thanks to the generous support of our funders, we are able to provide an extensive number of scholarships to individuals who wish to enrol in the WINS Academy. Women and individuals from official development assistance (ODA) countries--as designated by the OECD--are especially encouraged to apply.

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